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Our School Governors

Governors are the strategic leaders of the school, and have a vital role to play in making sure that every child gets the best possible education.

The purpose of a maintained school governing body is to ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school’.
There is a strong focus on:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the school

  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that money is well spent.


Rudgwick Primary School’s governing body currently consists of 10 core members and 1 Associate Member; they are made up as follows:

  • 2 Parent Governor

  • 1 Local Authority Governor

  • 2 Staff Governors (including Headteacher)

  • 5 Co-opted Governors

  • 1 Associate Member

The Governing Body meets 6 times a year alternating between Curriculum and Standards meetings and Business meetings.  Further information about each of our governors can be found here.


We retain two smaller committees made up members of the full Governing Body:

  • Staff, Finance and Health & Safety Committee

  • Pay Committee 

Updates from full governors meetings are made available in the school’s weekly newsletter and the minutes of meetings are available to view at school should you wish to.

The Full Governing Body includes:

  • Chair - David Buckley

  • Vice Chairs - Tom Hewitt & Mike Flower

  • Safeguarding - Fairley Allan

  • Pupil Premium - Fairley Allan

  • SEND - Joy Rolland

  • Curriculum - Tom Hewitt

Staff, Finance and Health & Safety Committee includes:

  • Chair - David Buckley

  • Other members - Mike Flower, Terry Ryan, Hayley Edwards, Nick Goundry, Insiyah Davenport

Pay Committee includes:

  • Chair - Mike Flower

  • Other members - Insiyah Davenport, Nick Goundry 

Meet The Team


David Buckley

Co-opted (Chair of Governors)

I have been a Governor for several years. I am a Co-opted Governor and have a particular interest in pupil performance. I have been involved in teaching mathematics throughout my professional career.

FA Photo.jpg

Fairley Allan


I am a recently retired Special Needs Teacher who worked with children with Autism. I'm especially interested in making sure that all children have the opportunity to make progress and are included in the success of the school. 

thumbnail_Mike Flower photo.jpg

Mike Flower

Local Authority Vice-Chair

I joined the governing body in 2018, when I had two grandchildren at the school.  I am a chemist by training, and currently a semi-retired pharmaceutical quality manager, now self-employed and working with two companies on the south coast.  I am the governor responsible for Health and Safety, and am a member of the Staff, Finance and H&S committee.


Insiyah Davenport

Associate Governor

I have been the associate governor since November 2022.  I live in the village and have twins who I hope will be joining the school in a couple of years. I am the Group Chief Risk Officer for an Insurance Group and sit on the Executive setting the strategy and direction of the Group.  My early education was the foundation for my career, giving me confidence and my love for learning.   I want to assist the school governing body meet their strategic objectives and ultimately, I’m motivated to help children aspire and fulfil their individual ambitions.  Schools play a huge part in exposing children to the many different life paths out there.


Terry Ryan


I am delighted to have joined the school in September 2021 and to have the opportunity to work alongside such committed, creative and dedicated staff and Governors across the school.  Prior to becoming Headteacher at Rudgwick I have been an Acting Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager and Assistant Headteacher in schools in London and within West Sussex.

profile pic.jpg

Nick Goundry 

Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor since June 2022.  I have three children who are all enjoying their time at Rudgwick Primary School.  I live in the village and work in the technology industry as a product manager.  Through my work I see the role technology will play in all aspects of our children's lives and I'm keen to support the school in this area.  I'm pleased to be a member of the governing board to help the school on behalf of parents and the local community.


Tom Hewitt

Co-opted Vice Chair

As a software engineer, former musician, dad-of-three, car owner, and amateur home improvement enthusiast, I believe education never ends. I'm particularly interested in ensuring the school delivers a broad, rich and exciting curriculum that gives every child the opportunity to find their lifelong learning passion. I've been a Governor since January 2022.

DSC_8021 - Copy.JPG

Joy Rolland


I joined the Governing Body in 2016 as a Parent Governor. Both of my chldren have now left the school but I remain in place as a Governor.   I am also a primary school teacher.

Mrs Hayley Edwards.JPG

Hayley Edwards


I am Deputy Headteacher and was nominated by the teachers and teaching assistants as staff governor. I have been a Rudgwick Primary School for several years now and love the close community feel of the school. My interests outside of the school include music and art.

Fiona Bull.png

Fiona Bull

Parent Governor

I joined the governing body in 2018 as a parent governor and have 2 children who have been/are pupils at the school. I am the Link Governor, EYFS Governor and Chair of the Head Teacher's Performance Management panel. I am a Primary school teacher who currently teaches in the EYFS. As a keen singer I have an interest in the arts, and ensuring that children are offered a broad and exciting curriculum that gives every child the opportunity to flourish, discover their strengths and passions, and fall in love with learning. 


Erin Herman

Co-opted Governor

I am a qualified public law solicitor with specialism in education, including special educational needs. I live in the village with my family and am pleased to be able to help the local community by being involved in our lovely primary school. I am keen to assist with children’s access to education and ensure that they can benefit from the opportunities available. 

Meet Guvs

Kate Mayo

Clerk to the Governors

My role is to support the governors in carrying out their duties. I have been the clerk since 2016.

Please find our Governors report for 2023

Please find our Governors report for 2022

Please find our Governors report for 2021

Guv Repor

* Governors are required to declare any business or pecuniary interest that they may have in the school, any other governance in which they participate and any relationships to staff within the school.

Clerk to the Governors:  Ms Kate Mayo

For details about the most recently published information about Governor attendance, download the PDF here. Please note this information is for the previous academic year, not the current one.

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