Our Science curriculum ensures the children develop their scientific knowledge and understanding as well as developing vital reasoning skills. 


The children take part in a wide variety of scientific enquiry throughout their time at Rudgwick.


We are very lucky to have access to lots of open space and woodland where the children are able to develop a secure understanding of the world around them.


Our Vision

In science, the children build on their natural curiosity by exploring and testing the scientific phenomena they experience around them. They reflect on opinions and ideas about scientific concepts, and we celebrate the evolution of our scientific skills and knowledge as a team. Through interaction with visiting scientists, children make positive contributions to the scientific community, and  develop their understanding of the world.



  1. Our learning is independent and driven by our curiosity.

  2. We find out what we want to know by carrying out our experiments because we learn by doing.

  3. We work as a communicative team to achieve the goal that is set. We fail, learn from our mistakes and try again.

  4. We share opinions, listen to one another’s ideas and have fun.

  5. We are motivated by visiting experts and respond positively to places of scientific interest.

  6. We predict with confidence, build experiments and draw conclusions, using our opinions, and previous knowledge.

  7. We achieve in science by inspiring each other with our observations and believing in the knowledge we develop of the world around us